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bullet Overview                                                                  resume

An depth understanding of technology, people, processes, best practices, business practices and cultural awareness that ensure that the solutions I deliver lead to more than just cost cutting and increased efficiencies. Rather these optimized solutions focus beyond the basics and create an edge for businesses, expand their market share and increase the equity value of all their stakeholders

Innovation in Business, Technology, Telecom, Healthcare, Security and Financial Solutions.

A comprehensive and in depth array of experience in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the USA.

The experience to deliver global best practices that are customized to take into account the culture and business practices of the region therefore enabling the delivery of actual real hands on results.

A proven and successful track record ranging from startups to Fortune 50 firms.

bullet In depth expertise in:

Financial Services (Conventional & Islamic) 
Banking (Conventional & Islamic)
Information Technology
Advertising/marketing and print media
Distribution, Retail/Wholesale


bullet Certifications

IBM e-business Solution Advisor
Gartner Certified Program/Project Manager
Certified Strategic Advisor
Spherion Certified Quality Manager
Spherion Certified Program/Project Manager