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Abir Abu Khadra - Amman 2007 Afaf & Zeinah Abu Khadra - Amman 2007 Afaf & Zeinah Abu Khadra - Amman 2007 Abir Abu Khadra - Amman 2007 Amer & Zeinah Abu khadra w Joud AbdelMAjeid and Assem Al Taji Zeinah and her beloved food
Afaf, Zeinah and Joud Amer Abu Khadra and mother (Afaf Al Taji) Khaled, Ismat and Abir Abir, Adila, Yasmeen and Adly Yasmeen, Joud and Zeinah familia
Zeinah and Joud Rania, Adila and Mom
Noura Abu Khadra Lamia and Noura
Lulu looking very cute with her new glasses great pic of Lu Lu and the band Noura and Hashem Lamia - an artist all the way - beret included The band
Lamia at her 1st concert Lamia with the Guitar - Awesome guitar player :-) Lu Lu Singing :-) Lulu on Drums too Abir & Suad Abu Khadra Suad Abu Khadra
Lamia at her show 2008 Lamia at her show in 2008