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bullet Thanks & Gratitude to:

H.H. Sheikh Ali Al Khalifa Al Sabah -  Sheikh Ali is a shrewd and accomplished leader, businessman and gentleman. I owe Sheikh Ali a great amount of thanks for his wisdom and guidance throughout the years

 The Great Sheikh Ali Al-Sabah

Dr. Saad H. Al Barrak - Dr. Saad is one of the most incredible people I have met. Dr. Saad taught me patience, perseverance, strategy, business ethics and so much more. I am humbled to have worked for & known Dr. Al Barrak.

Dr. Saad Hamad Al-Barrak

Ahmed Yusef Al Sager - Ahmed & I wr business partners . His energy, determination and attitude are an inspiration.

Yusef Rabah Abu Khadra - My cousin is an inspiration in every sense of the word. He is the model of a gentleman, a highly successful and accomplished businessman, a man of integrity and a noble family man. Yusef has been and will always be my shining light and the man that I hope to be like. He is my role model above & beyond being an inspiration.

Saad Abu Khadra - My Uncle Saad Abu Khadra taught me the ropes in Business






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A Highly effective leader and professional in Planning & Strategy, Management, Innovation, Business Development within IT, Telecom, Finance, Business Advisory, Change Management, Healthcare, Government, Retail, Wholesake & Distribution, Security, and much more          resume                                         

A proven and highly effective conduit for the implementation of global best practices in the Middle East Through extensive, proven and hands on experience achieved being.

Over 15 years of experience in the USA & Middle East with prestigious consulting firms

USA Educated, globally experienced and connected in Middle East & the GCC.

Substantial achievements as a Senior Executive in several Fortune 500 firms.

Extensive experience in organizations from startups to Fortune 50 firms.

Highly experienced and effective leader in multicultural environments.

Significant experience with Startups

Substantial experience in Finance – Asset Management, Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Trading & much more – experienced gained as an active partner in a privately owned US investment firm.


Achievements include:

Over 25 years of business experience. My professional life started in Kuwait at a very young age due to father’s death I had to take business role in a family owned company, learn the business and grow the firms. I remained as a managing partner from 1983 to 2000 when I sold the businesses.

Solid and proven background in Strategy, Business Development, Innovation, Business Consulting, Telecom, IT and Financial Services

Established the premier provider of Islamic financial solution providers.

Established and grew the Financial Services Advisory Business Unit for the region’s largest Banking solution provider.

Turned around a fortune 500 firm after the .com crash. I restructured the company from a purely consulting firm to a high end advisory solution provider in the USA.

Significantly increased the efficiency, top & bottom line for IBM in Kuwait.

Managed Project and Initiatives in the tens of millions of Dollars

Acted as the investment banker & advisor for several high net worth clients in the GCC.

A proven track record in excellence as an independent advisor.

Projects Director for the World's Leading Banking Software Provider.

Sr. Director of Banking Technology & Business Advisory Services